Common Shoulder Conditions
The shoulder joint is a very mobile joint made up of the scapula or shoulder blade, and the humerus or arm bone. It contains joint fluid, which is contained by a joint capsule and is surrounded by a cuff of tendons known as the rotator cuff that envelopes the joint and is responsible for powering various shoulder movements.

Shoulder pain can be a result of injury or pathology of these various structures. Patients may also have difficulty with moving their shoulder due to stiffness or may suffer from shoulder instability, when a sensation of the shoulder 'coming out' is felt during certain positions or activities. Outright dislocation of the shoulder may occur once or repetitively due to injury to the shoulder.

Common shoulder conditions include
Cuff tears / Tendinitis
This usually presents with shoulder pain which can be exacerbated by abducting or 'lifting' the shoulder up by the side of the body. In many cases, there may be no history of a specific trauma to the shoulder and the pain develops slowly over a period of weeks or months. Wearing clothes and performing overhead activities or lifting heavy objects may precipitate an increase in the pain.

Dislocations / Instability
In this condition, the shoulder usually feels unstable and patients may feel like the shoulder is 'coming out' during certain positions or there may be a frank dislocation. There may be an episode of an initial injury to the shoulder during sports or after a fall.

Frozen Shoulder
As the name suggest, the shoulder joint feels 'frozen' as stiffness is frequently the main complaint, although patients may also experience varying amounts of pain associated with the stiffness
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