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We did TKR of my father last year June with Dr.Nakul Shah my father's knee was in bad shape we were worried about any post-surgery complications,i stay in Mumbai and i have discussed with various people in healthcare and after getting reviews from two of my friend we have decided to go ahead with Dr.Nakul sir, we are so happy now that surgery goes so well that my father is currently Handling his agriculture activities and he almost has walking min 5km daily. Dr.Nakul shah is an externally good surgeon and passionate about his profession we strongly recommend him for TKR.
Vijaysinh Patil, Patient Relative, Mar 21, 2023
Best orthopedic surgeon in Pune
Rahul Shah, Mar 21, 2023
Living a great life Pre surgery life was very hard , could hardly move due to my hip joints which where damaged due to arthritis , and I was very scared and reluctant of surgery , but sir gave me confidence and after my both hip joint replaced now , leaving a great life . Thanks sir
Avinash Shinde, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
I have no words to say some thing about Dr.shah. my mother's knee joint replacement surgery has been done by Dr.nakul shah sir, now my mother is comletly OK .The pre & post operative service is superb. Doctor is friendly with patient.
Cilori Inners, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
I am feeling very happy to share my experience with all of you. My auntie had sever pain in her left hip joint even she was not able to sit in the chair because of the pain. she took enough pain medicines but the result was temporary. Then we heard about Dr Nakul Shah we booked an appointment and went to see him. After X rays and all she was diagnosed for osteoarthritis. Dr advised for TOTAL HIP JOINT REPLACEMENT but she was very scared to go for surgery. I am very thankful to Dr Shah he convened her very friendly then we planned for surgery. After the HIP REPLACEMENT Now she is walking and moving around without pain. We all are very happy. Thank you Dr Nakul Shah sir God Bless you doctor...
Devidas Vedpathak, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
My mom's Total knee replacement was done by Dr Shah. What I'd like to highlight is, both before and after the procedure he spent a lot of time explaining everything to the patient, clearing all the doubts. Mom was suffering from unbearable pain in the knee and that got almost totally cured after the surgery. In a months time, she went on a trip and soon resumed all of her daily activities.
Ashutosh Sovani, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
He has operated twice on sons fractured hands and also on my mother in law for her total knee replacement. Apart from his excellent surgical skills what makes him unique is his ability to connect with the patient
Dr. Sucheta Sovani, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
I had been to Dr shah for my repetitive trapezius spasm... His treatment worked for amazingly... he explained me thoroughly about my problem n explained it possible advanced treatment... N it did worked... Very much recommended orthopedic in town... Thankful to Dr. Shah :)😊
Dr Mrunmayi Avachat, Patient, Jan 14, 2023
Blessed to have Doctors like Dr. Nakul Shah!!! I met Dr. Nakul for my mom's osteoarthritis problem where she had severe pain in her knees which had badly impacted her mobility. Before consultating to him I had tried everything that someone can possibly think of but nothing helped her. Then I consulted Dr. Nakul as she had advance osteoarthritis, he suggested for knee replacement. I am so thankful to him as that is the best decision that we took. My mom was able to walk without walker or stick within a month. He has impeccable knowledge and expertise. And really very helpful and approachable doctor. A BIG Thank you Dr. Nakul!!!
Sandhya Singh, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
I had consulted Dr Nakul Shah for my father's knee joint problem. He diagnosed it properly and advised us to go for TKR surgery. He patiently listened to request from my father to do it bilateral, but advised against it. Considering my father's overall health situation, he planned the surgery very well, by prescribing all required tests in order to mitigate any risks. Overall surgery went very well due to advanced planning and recommendation from Dr Shah.During recovery period, he motivated my father and answered all the queries elaborately. Overall he ensured that patient and family members are comfortable and well informed.Due to impeccable TKR surgery by highly competent Dr Shah, my father is getting back to his normal walking routine.Many Thanks
Manish Gokhru, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
Best Orthopaedic Doctor for THR surgery...
Raj Patil, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
I have had 4 different experiences with Dr Nakul Shah. 1. Knee replacement for my in-laws 2. Knee ligament repair for my wife 3. ORIF for my own ankle (Plate + screws) + Removal after two years 4. Knee replacement for my friends father Each of these instances I was very impressed with his immaculate diagnosis, detailed explanation to his patients on what to expect and the way to go about it pre and post surgery.Personally (3 above), I was injured playing football and never thought I could be back to any sport ever again, even walking seemed a stretched goal. But then Dr Nakul turned it around and after 3 years today am back to nearly all sports. 2000 Km of Cycling, Tennis every week, Cricket thrice a week, treks and long walks. Thanks Dr Nakul for giving me back my life and just to let you know, I think about you with every step I take!
Abhijeet Bakre, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
I have nothing but songs of praises for Dr. Nakul from Pancea clinic. I am 78 years old and have been avoiding knees replacement surgery for the last two years. Things became unbearable and created an emergency situation while I was abroad. I contacted Dr. Nakul from abroad and felt assured by his words ‘You will be my priority as soon as you return to India’. The smooth journey of pleasant experiences began then - from pre-operative care and instructions to the actual operation followed by post operative care, I have always received his personal attention. I had never imagined that within just two weeks of making first contact with Dr. Nakul, I would be showing off my post operative ‘new walk’ to my relatives. His humble and modest nature made me feel like my own son was treating me. Through his superb clinical skills he has performed miracles on my legs and now I am ecstatic to walk painlessly.Just three days after my operation, I have swiftly settled into my routine and am independently doing my daily activities. As per Dr. Nakul’s clinic’s name ‘Panacea’, meaning ‘remedy for all diseases’, he has truly provided a perfect solution for my problems - brand new legs! Thank you to Dr. Nakul from the bottom of my heart for everything he has done for me. I am immensely grateful for all the pleasant experiences and my brand new legs! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Shaila Shah, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
Amazing doctor and amazing human 🌟⭐️
Khushboo Goplani, Patient, Jan 11, 2023
I was suffering from knee pain for past 4 years. I came to Jupiter Hospital. I underwent Robotic knee replacement under the care and guidance of Orthopaedic Surgeon- Dr. Nakul Shah. Now I am perfectly well. All thanks to Dr. Nakul and Jupiter Hospital Staff.
Lipika Shah, Patient, Mar 21, 2022
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