Although Arthritis causing ankle pain is not as common compared to the degenerative changes in other joints, it can be quite painful. Ankle Arthritis is most common in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or patients with a previous ankle injury.

A sprain in the ankle causes an injury to the ligaments around the ankle. Such injuries can cause pain and swelling. In addition, the patients may feel as though the joint may give way.

A patient has tendonitis when the tendons become irritated and inflamed.

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
If left untreated, posterior tibial tendonitis, which causes ankle pain on the inside part of the joint, can lead to significant walking problems.

Achilles Tendonitis
This is the most common type of tendonitis around the ankle joint and causes pain over the back of the heel. Fractures
There are many different types of ankle fractures and each must be treated differently. While some ankle fractures can be treated like sprains, others may require surgery.

Gout is a relatively uncommon cause of ankle pain.

Cartilage Damage
The cartilage of the ankle joint is susceptible to injuries if ankle sprains, fractures or other ankle injuries are left untreated
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